฿17,860.00 / month

You have a lot of videos to edit and you need guaranteed time with your editor. This is as close as it gets to an in-house editor, but for less.

2 spots available

Instead of hiring a video editor full-time, submitting dozens of requests through Upwork or Fiverr every month, or hoping your freelancer will be able to fit you in. We offer “unlimited” video editing to cover the need for an in-house editor, but without the cost of a full-time editor and the equipment and software.

For a monthly fee, you work directly with your editor as you would a freelancer, but you can request as many videos as you like, as many revisions as you need, and you’ll always be guaranteed time as there are never more than 2 clients per editor.

What’s the catch?

It’s not “unlimited” in the way that you can submit 100 videos at once and we can edit them all. You have one editor, and you can submit as many video edits to that editor as you like, but they’ll work on one video at a time until completion, with unlimited revisions per edit.

There are a few limitations which prevent abuse of the plan:

10 minute maximum edit length – In some cases we will support longer video edits. Please contact us if you require longer runtimes.

40GB in footage and assets per video – 40GB is usually enough space if your footage has been properly organised. Please see our post on hosting and sharing your footage with your editor.

No custom animations (from After Effects) – Custom animations and motion graphics fall outside of the scope of this product, if you need custom animation please contact us.


How do we communicate during a project?

Do you have other pricing options?

What software do you use?

Can I use any music?

How do I send you the original footage?